Joining the long list of items no longer relegated to gender: the cowl. A long-standing favorite of the knitting community for it's brevity and practicality, my boyfriend, impressed by the cowl's simple elegance, requested a Good Wool version of his own. 

Pretty handsome, no? What's that? Did you just say, "That's not Mr. Good Wool, you common trollop!"

True. You caught me. This is actually my Ashley Madison thing on the side. 

Just kidding! Come one, I'm not on Ashley Madison, I'm not even married! This is my Tender thing on the side. 

I got you again!!!

No really. This guy is actually a client of my other side-gig: Professional Photographer Person (that's not actually on my business cards but I'm now seriously considering it.) This is local KC musician Doby Watson, who needed a photograph for a release and was kind enough to let me use him as a scarf model since Mr. Good Wool said, "I'm tired of being beautiful all the time, I don't want to be a model anymore. No one understands my art!"  

Here's the real Mr. Good Wool.


Just kidding. This is just some handsome rando (that's what she said) from Pinterest that Mr. Good Wool aka Rob picked out as the inspiration for his cowl.

Whilst visiting a friend in Lawrence KS last month, I let Rob run amuck in The Yarn Barn for his wool selection. He, once again, went with a Donegal Tweed (gotta love a man who loves scratchy wool aka isn't a little bitch.) This one is a homespun from Tahki. He picked it because he wanted a grey cowl, and the little red-orange tweed flecks match his new Canada Goose parka. On the outside, this may seem adorable, but I'm pretty sure Rob has an undiagnosed clinical case of Obsessive Compulsive Matching Disorder [OCMD]. Rob famously "likes his shit matchin'." I could get into it but let's just say if Rob doesn't seek treatment for his OCMD soon, within 20 years he could end up like the notorious Green Lady of Brooklyn.

But I digress. I must say, I'm a little disappointed in the final cowl outcome. It turned out larger that I hoped because I eyeballed my gauge LIKE AN IDIOT. Also, to make my cowl like the inspo, I cleverly thought (again without the assistance of gauge): "That thing is standing high. I'm going to need a pretty stiff gauge to pull this off. One size down from the suggested needle size on the band outta do it." LIKE AN IDIOT. So the result is not only bigger but also floppier than I'd hoped for. Sometimes bigger and floppier is better, like in the case of pancakes or Basset Hounds. Here, not my fav. Although Rob assures me he loves it. Suck up. 

What has 16 years of knitting taught me? Nothing. It's taught me nothing. 

Oh, hey, there's Mr. Good Wool! This is a photo from our recent vacay in Seattle. What does this photo have to do with this post? Nothing really other than I was starting to forget what he looked like. That's right, I remember now.