Are you there blog? It's me, your chronically neglectful owner.

Oh my blog, how you have become a casualty of my new job.

That's right chall', I'm workin' in the big DTKC (Downtown Kansas City for you outsiders...) JK, I'm pretty sure I've never heard anyone refer to Downtown Kansas City as 'DTKC' but does that not have an awesome ring to it? Say it out loud, it rhymes. I told you guys, I'm JUST like Kanye.

Actually, right now I feel kind of like this:

But back to business.

So, I'm not throwin' in the towel for The Good Wool or anything, so you can stop crying already (seriously, stop.) But, I am going to have to say 'auf wiedersehen' to my Elizabeth Zimmerman Almanac Challenge. I've traded in the 20 hours of extra knitting time I used to have every week for 20 hours of straight-job time, and that ratio just doesn't compute with knitting whole sweaters in one month's time. However, I will try to update my blog on the redge with what is happening in my fiber life.

So what has been happening in my fiber life?


My handsome, generous, boyfriend (seen here, being handsome) fulfilled my lifelong dream and bought me a ticket to Yarn School for my birthday (back off ladies he's mine.) What is Yarn School you say? Well, you can read all about it here but basically this badass bee-yah Nikol Lohr bought a vacant school out in the middle of Kansas and turned it into an artist commune where once a year a glorious mecca of all things yarn takes place. Dying and spinning classes are the main affaire for newbies but experienced yarn-makers pretty much just socialize and spin amongst their kind for a super-chill weekend getaway. It was A LOT of fun and I learned to spin like a pro.

Here's some insta-highlights:

So, of course, I'm addicted to spinning now and had to get a wheel of my own pronto. I've ordered a wheel (also courtesy of my boyfriend aka my sugar daddy) but it won't arrive till probably the end of June. In the mean time, I have a loaner wheel from my gracious friend Rachael (who is also a badass maker.) It's an upright Ashford which she hauled all the way from New Zealand. It's pretty dope, but I must say I'm pretty anxious to get my new wheel.

Here she is, the Woolmaker Bliss.


I tried this wheel out at yarn school and loved the feel and at $330 USD (I, of course, got the bobbin extension) the price is pretty unbeatable. I initially thought that I'd be a double treadle kinda girl but my laziness got the better of me and I decided single-treadle was the way to go.

Can't wait to pop the cherry on this thang and share all my yarn creations with you guys (that's right, all five of you that read this blog.) As a reward for reading this far, here is a video from Yarn School of my most favorite of fluffy butts: the fluffy kid butt:

Are goats the best or what?