Campside Shawl - In the Homestretch

Just cast-off my Campside Shawl last night and spent the better part of this morning giving it a good blocking. It's been a minute since I've made a scarf/shawl, I've been on a bit of a sweater kick the last couple of years, and I must say: it's pretty satisfying casting-off ALL those stitches and seeing it snap into shape through the magic of blocking. When triangle shawls are on your needles, all bunched up, they don't really look like much. And those endless rows of 360 stitches towards the finish line can be maddeningly slow. But then you block it and like alchemy it transforms into something beautiful.

I know some knitters prefer accessories to garments because sweaters are a lot of work and they see the fit as a gamble. I tend to feel the opposite however. Though sweaters are altogether a lot more work and take a lot of planning, I think they're more interesting to knit because you're doing things in increments: a sleeve here, a front there, then seaming the whole thing together. It keeps me interested. I find knitting swathes of the same thing in the same shape terribly monotonous. Shawls and scarves are really an exercise in patience for me and taming my craft ADD, that's why they're so satisfying in the end. When I take on these kinds of projects, I give myself a deadline so I can commit; otherwise I know I'll be tempted to set it down and cast-on for a new sweater.

See that brighter red on the bind-off edge? Funny story: totally ran out of yarn while I was binding off (not the first time that's happened to me btw.) I was pissed to say the least. I wasn't interested in ordering an entire skein and having to wait to finish binding off a mere 170 stitches so I did the next best thing: I went digging through my stash for something that looked reasonably close and called it a day (see, stashes are important don't let anyone tell you otherwise.) I don't even know what this yarn is but I know it's fingering weight (I held it double to match my Malabrigos Rio in weight) and it's a hand-dyed wool; maybe Anzula? Close enough in my opinion, who's gonna know except you, me, and the dogs, amiright?!

Speaking of the doggies:

Obviously I had to get one with Chivo and Jarvis lounging in the background. They're born models.