Have you ever watched yourself knit??

Because it's CRAZY. This is me knitting stockinette stitch, continental style (my uje.) I'm often gawked at in awe by other knitters when I'm knitting at my LYS but I kind of just figured the said-gawkers might be English style knitters (i.e. throwing the yarn with your right hand) and so I just chalked it up to the novelty of seeing something totally foreign to what you're used to. Now I'm thinking maybe I was being a bit modest because DANG THOSE NEEDLES ARE MOVING FAST.

If you haven't ever watched yourself knit, you really ought to have a knitting buddy, SO, or other willing and able volunteer take a video of you and hashtag it with #seemeknit.  It'll blow your mind, I swear, it's like recording your voice for the first time, hearing it, and thinking, "That's how I sound??!" Fascinating how we all take totally different paths all to end up in the same place, no?

Speaking of different knitting styles, have you ever seen someone hold a straight needle under their armpit and knit from it? It's lightening fast and amazing to watch. Here's the Yarn Harlot demonstrating this style:

Watching videos of other knitting styles on Youtube really makes me want to try my hand at a new method. Maybe I'll finally find a use for all of these old straights I've been gifted over the years and subsequently hoarded for no reason at all. I could probably dedicate a whole blog to my knit-hoarding problem so I'll just gloss over the whole subject entirely like it doesn't exist (ironically that's probably how I developed this problem in the first place...)