2000 yards of tweed

Oh hello again. 

It's been all tweed all the time over here at Casa de Good Wool lately.

My friend who was expecting a gender-unknown baby went to Ireland on vacay and brought back almost 2000 yards of Irish tweed for me with the caveat that I would make him a little Irish sweater for his new baby. The rest would go into sweater for Mr. Good Wool. 

So, I chose this pattern from Knitty because it was about the smallest size I could find that called for Aran wool. It came out approx 20" in circumference, so verging on 3 month size, which is what I wanted. I find little objects to be kind of a crap shoot because there's a smaller margin of error not only in the sizing of the garment but in the window that this garment will get worn in the proper season at the proper size. And all babies grow kind of differently. That's one of the reasons I hate knitting baby stuff (I HATE knitting uncertainty) but there is a certain satisfaction in microscopic clothing. It's so cute! And I don't love children all that much so that's really saying something. 

When I found out the baby was going to be a girl, I was almost done knitting. Fearing that it looked to masculine, I lined it with a birdie fabric (chicks love birds) and stuck on some frilly clasps. And, yes, I know we live in a day and age of caution towards "gendering" kids too early but this was a present so I'm not trying to get all political. For the record, I definitely think it's totes fine if your little boy wants to dress up as Elsa from Frozen for Halloween. YOLO. 

And here's the big ole pile o' Rob's sweater. It's all complete sans for the last fitting, the buttons, and some other finishing stuff (the bright orange yarn is holding soon-to-be-kitchenered underarm stitches.) I wanted to finish this sweater during the World Series so it would be a future good luck charm. For those not in the know, the KC Royals haven't won a World Series in 30 years, so KC is super pumped right now with only a few games to go. What happens if they lose you say? I guess that means this will be a bad luck sweater, or maybe just stop being superstitious jerks. You really think the Cubs haven't won a World Series in 100+ years because of a goat or something? Come on. 

In case you're wondering what pattern this is, it's Ranger from Brooklyn Tweed

I just purchased these bad boys on the right from Fringe Supply Co. for this sweater. I've never used horn buttons before so I'm pretty stoked. I like Fringe Supply Co.'s guiding principle of really nice tools/accessories for makers. They're right: nothing ruins a sweater you spent 100 hours on quite like cheap buttons. Go big or go home and... GO ROYALS.